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Quitting smoking can be one of the hardest things that a smoker can face in life. Although the amount of smokers in the world have been progressively decreasing, down to government efforts, and how available information on the effects of smoking is. This however, doesn’t mean that we all may find quitting smoking easy.

For Stoptober 2020, we at AntiCig, have put together a list of 10 easy methods on how to quit smoking today!

Get Active!

Does exercise help quit smoking?

Keeping fit and getting active is considered one of the best and most effective ways of kicking your smoking habits. Not only does it make you aware of your current level of health, but it also can help introduce you to a new group of people that can motivate and inspire you to quit smoking! Start off by going on a light jog every other day – even if it’s just for 5 to 10 minutes, or join a local sports club like boxing, football or volleyball. Eventually, you’ll notice the urge to pick up a cigarette significantly reduce, and you’ll notice the positive effects that regular light exercise can do for you. There are only 10 weeks left to get fit for 2021! As an incentive to get YOU on your feet, we will be giving away some AntiCig prizes for those of you who use the hashtag #getfitfor2021! Join the #getfitfor2021 today!

Have a positive Mindset

Having a positive mindset when quitting smoking is probably the most important method to quitting smoking. Believing in yourself and your ability to kick the habit can be the difference between you kicking the habit for good, and falling back into old habits. Quitting smoking is a challenging and difficult task, so you will need to be able to dig down deep into your resolve, to finally kick the habit for good! The team here at AntiCig have complete faith that you will be able to quit, and so should you! Believe in yourself!

Surround yourself with a supportive group of people

How to help your friend quit smoking

Surrounding yourself with a supportive group of people is a great way to ensure that you get the help quitting smoking. We all know how influential your friends can be, and if you have a group of friends that support you and encourage you when you’re feeling the urges to smoke again, you’ll be in  a better position to quit, because they will want to help you achieve this monumental goal of quitting smoking. Also, try and hang around with your friends who smoke in environments where smoking isn’t permitted. This way you get to see them, but you’ll not be able to submit to their peer pressure.

Try Anticig

Smoking alternatives

A cheeky bit of self promotion, we know, but AntiCig truly has all the positive traits to help you quit smoking for good. We have helped countless customers and members of the AntiCig Project quit smoking, and we can do the same for you too! With 8 flavours of AntiCig available to you, we can guarantee that we have one for you! Our product doesn’t contain nicotine or any of the negative substances that you’ll find in cigarettes. In fact, it is the perfect alternative to smoking!

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Monitor your smoking habits

When trying to quit smoking, pay attention to when you feel the urges to step outside for a cigarette. Do you want one first thing when you wake up? What about when you’re on your way home from work? Paying attention to when you want to pick up a cigarette lets you know more about your own personal smoking habits, which can allow you to decrease the amount you smoke, just from being self aware of how often you do it. One day, try and pay attention to how often you smoke over the course of one day. Make a note of every single time you smoke, or get the urge to, and then try to adjust your behaviours accordingly.

Figure out why you want to quit

Everyone has their own reasoning behind quitting smoking. Whether it’s because they have just welcomed a new family member, wanting to improve their own personal health, or just because they feel like it will improve their life. Having a reason to quit greatly increases your own personal resolve and allows you to feel more accountable, which greatly prevents you from falling back into old habits.

Let your family know you plan on quitting

Letting your family know that you plan on quitting greatly increases your chances of quitting. Letting them know your goal creates a strong support system. If they smoke too, they might even be inspired by your efforts, and start their own personal journey of quitting smoking. They may have been wondering, how to quit smoking, and might not have had the resources to quit. You can share this blog post with them too!

Create a clear and precise plan of action

Creating a clear plan of action when quitting smoking allows you to know precisely what you need to do to stay on top of things. Having a regular and consistent routine is the best way to break out of an old routine, and that’s exactly what you’ll be doing! Applying a nicotine patch at 10:30am everyday, and going for a quick run at the same time every evening after work creates a personal schedule that you’ll follow, that doesn’t allow space for smoking. It will help you quit in no time at all.

Keep your hands busy and your mind occupied

One thing that people notice when they attempt to quit smoking, is they find themselves constantly feeling fidgety and irate, which are direct signs of withdrawal symptoms. One of the things that you can do to counter this, is buy keeping your hands and your mind busy. Purchasing an object like a fidget spinner or sometime to fiddle with, can help you with your anxious feelings and fidgety hands. Holding something like AntiCig (which has a similar shape to a cigarette) is also a perfect way into reworking your mind into coping with these withdrawal symptoms.

Adjust your diet

Does changing your diet help you quit smoking?

Adjusting your diet has proven results when attempting to quit smoking. Try changing your diet to decrease the amounts of fats and sugars you consume. You could also decrease the amount of alcohol you consume, as drinking has a direct correlation to increased urges to smoking. Try and incorporate foods like, Fruits and vegetables, ginseng tea, milk and dairy, and sugar-free gums and mints.

So there are 10 methods we recommend to you to help you quit smoking. We hope that you can find these useful!

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