About our Aromatherapy Vapouriser


Smoke-Free Device Technology

AntiCig is the world's first CE & ROHS certified on-the-go aromatherapy vapouriser device that allows you to inhale the highest grade & specially blended Moroccan essential oils flavoured with naturally occurring wellness herbs & plant extracts. It is a smoke-free atomizing diffusing device that activates by itself when you inhale through your mouth, producing pure and safe aromatic vapours of wellness containing nothing but natural aromatherapy oils and pure water, that would allow you to have enriching, pleasurable and memorable life experiences.


Why did we design it?

The AntiCig Aromatherapy vapouriser can be used as an adjunct to stop smoking and is part of an alternative health products range that has been designed to be a SAFER & COOLER alternative to smoking cigarettes without compromising your dignity, social wellness and pleasure. It will give you a sense of holistic wellness and social satisfaction that no cigarette will ever match.


NOT a Cigarette, NOT a Vape

Some people may easily confuse AntiCig with an e-cigarette or a vape. AntiCig is completely different. It does not produce smoke, unlike your traditional e-cigarettes and vapes, nor does it contain any potentially harmful chemicals. The AntiCig device works by atomizing the oil and water blend using energy generated from the in-built lithium battery, causing evaporation of the oil as tiny droplets and producing a pure, fine inhalable vapour. AntiCig doesn’t need any charging and has no on/off buttons. Simply use as it is from the box and discard when finished. Rigorous laboratory testing and CE & ROHS certification makes AntiCig™ one of the safest inhalation devices on the market.