AntiCig is the World’s First CE & ROHS Certified Inhalable Aromatherapy Diffuser Stick that allows you to inhale the Highest Quality Pure & Natural Essential Oils flavoured with Wellness Herbs, Pure Plant Extracts & Vitamin Goodness. 

How It Works

The AntiCig device works by atomizing the oil and water blend using energy generated from the in-built lithium battery, causing evaporation of the oil as tiny droplets and producing a pure & fine inhalable vapour. AntiCig doesn’t need any charging and has no on/off buttons. Simply use as it is from the box and discard when finished.

Why it was Developed

AntiCig is manufactured and developed by a team of fully qualified pharmacists that wanted to design a smoke-free technology device that can be used as an alternative to smoking & vaping, and part of a healthier lifestyle choice that promotes social wellness and well-being.  The unique flavours of Anticig each mimic a life experience that could be enhanced.

Not a Cigarette or Vape

AntiCig  may sometimes be mistaken for e-cigarette or vape, but it’s completely different. There is no heating or burning mechanism in the device & does not produce smoke, unlike traditional e-cigarettes and vapes.  No production of any aerosol occurs nor are there any potentially harmful chemicals contained or released.


Rigorous laboratory testing and CE & ROHS certification makes AntiCig™ one of the safest inhalation devices on the market.  

We are a Pharmaceutical Research Company


We are a speciality pharmaceutical research entity specializing in the design, development, and manufacturing of Innovative eye medicines, eye cosmetics and wellness products. We are part of the ENTOD International Group which is one of the fastest-growing ophthalmic pharmaceutical companies in the world having ophthalmic technological expertise for over 40 years. 


Our Wellness Division ENTOD Wellness uses the latest technology to design and develop our wellness range with the help of our team of highly specialised product researchers in our state-of-the-art GLP accredited research laboratories. Our strong pharmaceutical research background gives us the technological edge compared to other products.