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Vaping with Essential Oils

Since vaping was first introduced there has been a great deal of debate regarding whether or not they are a healthier alternative to smoking and whether there are any health concerns to be wary of... But what about inhalable aromatherapy diffusers? 

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How Stopping Smoking Will Benefit Your Life

It might take a lot of hard work and determination but once you finally kick the bad habit of smoking, you will be rewarded when your life is positively transformed in many ways. Staying motivated to quit cigarettes will ensure that you benefit from improved health and a long list of other great advantages.

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How to 'De-Stress' without Cigarettes

Giving up smoking is a big challenge, especially when you are feeling stressed. Stress, whether it's work, home or money, is one of the biggest triggers for people quitting smoking to have a relapse. So, it is important to try and find ways to de-stress without reaching for the cigarettes. So here are our top activities for relieving some of that stress...

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