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Our Top 5 Summer Vapes

Summer is here, festival season has started, and everyone is flocking to the nearest beer garden! What better way to enjoy the sun than with some delicious Summer flavour vapes for you to try. Whether you are feeling fun and fruity, or want something a little more refreshing, take a look at our top 5 Summer vape flavours that you need to get your hands on during the heatwave... One in a Melon! Watermelon, sugar...say HELLO to one of our best-selling Summer favourites, our Watermelon Refresh. Sweet and refreshing, this vape has a specially crafted blend of inhalable essential oils flavoured with Watermelon, Ginseng, Vitamins (A, B12, C & D).     No need to feel blue, with our Berry...

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Vaping with Essential Oils

Since vaping was first introduced there has been a great deal of debate regarding whether or not they are a healthier alternative to smoking and whether there are any health concerns to be wary of... But what about inhalable aromatherapy diffusers? 

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