Anticig™ Aromatherapy



AntiCig Aromatherapy is an inhalable personal diffuser stick that uses essential oils inspired by aromatherapy, instead of tobacco, nicotine, and other harmful chemicals. Cool, right?

Who is AntiCig intended for?

Short answer: everyone!

AntiCig Aromatherapy is a wellness brand, primarily focused on smoking cessation for social and heavy smokers. As our flavours contain zero addictive properties and no harmful ingredients, AntiCig can also be used as a relaxation tool for non-smokers. This is because of the health benefits from essential oils in our aromatherapy flavours.

How to I use AntiCig?

AntiCig diffuser sticks are easy to use with no set-up required. Simply inhale from the end nearest to the white dot. Breathing in and out naturally for maximum effect. When in use, your AntiCig will light up red on the ‘tip’. Placing the silicone mouthpieces are optional and can be used without.

When your AntiCig Aromatherapy diffuser stick is empty, the LED light (found on ‘tip’ of the aromatherapy device) will no longer light up - no more inhalable aromatherapy fumes will be produced.

How will it help me stop smoking?

AntiCig Aromatherapy was initially created for smoking cessation. We designed a device that is safer and healthier than most e-cigarette or vape on the market, and developed essential oil flavours to replace harmful chemicals for added health benefits. Physical and psychological effects of smoking nicotine tie smokers for the long haul. Over time this creates smoking routines and triggers, which is often the most difficult part of smoking to overcome. Withdrawal of nicotine is extremely unpleasant both physically and psychologically - which is why smokers experience intense cravings when attempting to eliminate harmful chemicals from the body. 

As AntiCig Aromatherapy does not contain nicotine, we recommend heavy smokers to use our vapouriser in conjunction with nicotine when beginning your smoke-free journey with AntiCig. It is important to determine your level of dependency and set an achievement path before attempting it ‘cold turkey’. For social smokers, we strongly advise to exclusively use AntiCig without using other products that contain nicotine.

How long will one AntiCig Duo Pack last?

Each AntiCig diffuser stick has been designed to last up to 4 weeks, with a standard rating of 500 puffs inside. Depending on how long you inhale and how often it is used, our Duo Packs (containing two aromatherapy diffuser sticks) last between 7 to 28 days.

Does AntiCig require charging or refilling?

When we say AntiCig Aromatherapy is ‘stress-free’ we really mean stress-free. No need to re-charge or refill your diffuser stick. Your AntiCig diffuser stick has everything you need to keep using it… until it runs out!  


I have a medical condition. Can I still use AntiCig?

Individuals with medical conditions can use AntiCig. However, we strongly advise individuals with asthma, respiratory infections and diseases, and allergies to essential oils to seek their doctor’s recommendation before using AntiCig. Pregnant and nursing women should not use AntiCig

AntiCig team is managed by an expert team of fully qualified pharmacists. While they cannot give professional advice, they can provide additional information and direct you to the right place. 

What are the ingredients?

To discover what essential oils are in your AntiCig diffuser stick, click here for more information.
All ingredients are sourced from certified labs across the world. There are NO known allergens.


I am an Influencer. How can I collaborate?

We welcome influencers, bloggers and affiliates of all sizes. It is important for us to collaborate with like-minded, passionate people. For us, we value shared ideology and transparency. Understanding what AntiCig Aromatherapy is and why we started it would be a great way to start.

For consideration, start a conversation with us by emailing us at info@anticig.com and leaving your details with us. Ask yourself, "why do I want to collaborate with AntiCig Aromatherapy?" Make sure you are following us on Instagram first and feel free to shout us out on yours.

I am a retailer. How can I stock your diffuser sticks?

We offer a standard wholesale pack and re-stock pack for retailers wanting to share the benefits of inhalable aromatherapy with customers. You can request information here.

I am interested in becoming an official distributor of AntiCig! How can I do this?

We have different wholesale options for distribution with full pricing detail available upon request. Provide your details and specific wholesale needs by contacting us here.

Orders & Shipping

What are my payment options?

We accept all major credit and debit card, as well as PayPal. 

How do I use my coupon code?

Enter your coupon code in your cart before check out.

I just ordered. When will I receive my item(s)?

Orders are dispatched within 3 working days. In most cases, orders are dispatch on the same day if placed before 3 pm. Orders placed after 3 pm are processed the following day.

Please note, orders placed over the weekend will be processed on the following Monday. Bank holiday orders are processed the next working day. Once dispatched, your order should be delivered within 2 to 3 working days.

My flavour is still not in stock! Ughh, why?

We understand your frustrations as it can take up to 4 weeks to re-stock our aromatherapy flavours and it is important for us to deliver these flavours to you as soon as we can. Email us at info@anticig.com which flavour(s) you are waiting for and we will do everything we can on our end.

How will my order be shipped?

We use Royal Mail tracked services and provide you with a tracking code.

How do I track my order?

Use Track and Trace to track your order in real-time. You will receive your tracking information shortly after you have purchased. Please be patient as this may take up to 3 working days during busy periods. If you have received tracking information and cannot locate the location of your order, please try again later as this would be a delay with Royal Mail processing. 

Do you ship internationally?

We only accept UK customers on the AntiCig web store. We will be on Amazon marketplace soon - including Amazon UK, Spain, France, Italy, and Germany.

Anyone outside of these countries and are still wanting to experience AntiCig Aromatherapy, should directly message our customer service team to arrange a special order with us. This will include additional costs to cover shipping as we do not have distribution in your area... yet.