Kick the Habit

Screw NICOTINE! You heard us. Nicotine… who needs it? 

Here at AntiCig we are firm believers that nobody needs nicotine and we have created the ideal product to break your habit. AntiCig is the perfect self-care partner, each with a unique blend of wellness herbs and essential oils that help to promote a healthier lifestyle – whether you’re looking to quit smoking or just need a little boost in life! 



Not a VAPE! 

Confused? Don’t be, it’s simple. AntiCig is unlike e-cigarettes and vapes, as there is no heating or burning element. It works by atomising the oil and water blend to create an inhalable vapour, infused with goodness! No need to worry about battery life or turning it off and on – AntiCig is activated by inhaling and lasts for approximately 400 puffs.



Why Essential Oils?

We wanted to produce a better smoking alternative than e-cigarettes and vapes, a smoking alternative that didn’t contain harmful chemicals or nicotine. Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and have been known to help with many different problems in our daily lives – lack of energy, needing to relax, to help us sleep and even to help us lose weight! Essential oils not only help you feel great but, if you are looking to quit smoking, can help with those pesky nicotine cravings.



The Best Blend for You…

Whether you’re looking for something to boost your energy naturally, find something to help you sleep or quit smoking and vaping, AntiCig is the perfect self-care partner.
We currently have 11 AntiCig blends to suit your needs, find yours here!