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About us

Thought this was a VAPE? It's not really...

AntiCig is NOT a traditional Vape, Cigarette, E-Cigarette or Herbal Cigarette. It is 100% FREE from Tobacco, Nicotine, Tar and Harmful Chemicals. It is a completely SMOKE-FREE inhalable atomizing diffusing device that activates by itself when you inhale through your mouth, producing pure and safe aromatic inhalable vapours of wellness. The vapours in AntiCig are not produced by any burning or heating mechanism (like what is seen with smoking producing devices like vapes, cigarettes or e-cigarettes) but by atomizing the oil and water blend using energy generated from the in-built lithium battery, causing evaporation of the oil as tiny droplets and producing a pure and fine inhalable vapour.

What's AMAZING about AntiCig?

AntiCig is one of the few aromatherapy inhalation devices to be CE & ROHS certified for maximum safety. It is extensively tested in ISO accredited laboratories to ensure that all components (oil, water and battery) are safe to use.

AntiCig is 100% FREE from Tobacco, Nicotine, Tar and Harmful Chemicals. Each Vape is pre-filled and packed with premium essential oils. It doesn’t require charging and has no on/off buttons, so there is no need to worry about battery life. AntiCig is activated by inhaling, simply use it straight from the box and discard when finished.

 Why Premium Essential Oils?

Each AntiCig is carefully crafted using a unique blend of pure & natural premium essential oils flavoured with wellness herbs, Pure Plant Extracts and Vitamin Goodness, and specially designed to promote a healthier lifestyle and social wellness. In AntiCig we use only the highest grade premium essential oil blends that have been sustainably sourced. Essential oils have been used for hundreds of years and have been known to help with many diverse problems in our daily lives – lack of energy, needing to relax, to help us sleep and even to help us lose weight! So if you are looking embark on a happier, healthier and more enriching life, start your journey with AntiCig today!  And best of all, AntiCig is made from 100% Vegan, GMO-free and cruelty-free ingredients.

The Best Blend for You…

AntiCig comes in 10 uniquely blended flavours to suit every palate and give you an enriching, pleasurable & memorable experience. So whether you’re looking for something to boost your life or find something to help you sleep or help with those pesky nicotine cravings, AntiCig is the best bet!