AntiCig Refresh - Watermelon

AntiCig Refresh - Watermelon

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AntiCig Refresh Duo Pack

Calling all watermelon lovers! Sweet, refreshing and juicy, nothing hits the spot on a summer day quite like a slice of watermelon – except, of course, our AntiCig Refresh. If there were a scale for thirst-quenching fruits, watermelon would be off the charts. Not only is it tasty and hydrating, it’s also really good for us! With a specially crafted blend of inhalable essential oils flavoured with Watermelon, Ginseng, Vitamins A, Vitamin B12, Vitamins C & D. Each duo pack contains 2 diffuser sticks and 2 clean mouthpieces.

Perfect for keeping the summery vibe going all year long.

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