AntiCig ZEN Cignature Pack
AntiCig ZEN Cignature Pack
AntiCig Zen Cignature Pack Aromatherapy Vapes

AntiCig ZEN Cignature Pack

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AntiCig ZEN Cignature Pack

Our carefully curated ZEN Cignature Pack contains a unique mix of 5 blends crafted with Vanilla, Pink Rose, Pineapple, Coconut, Honey Milk & Blueberry premium essences. This 5-in-1 pack is specially designed to get you into a chilled out, relaxed, stress-free & joyeous mood, especially after a hard day's work. We all need to press that "pause" button every evening, and the ZEN Cignature Pack offers just that opportunity.  Use each diffuser vape independently, or mix them to get you into the best mood.

Perfect for chilled out evenings and social use. Goes perfect with great music and your favourite drink!

Each ZEN Cignature pack contains 5 diffuser vapes and 5 sterile mouthpieces.

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