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AntiCig… Making the Switch!

A number of health organisations have concluded that e-cigarettes, or vapes, are the top way to quit smoking and start leading a healthier lifestyle. But what if there was an even healthier and safer way to quit smoking?  
 So, What has Changed Over the Last Few Years? 
Well, it’s safe to say that smoking is still one of the leading causes of respiratory related illnesses and deaths in the UK. The good news, with the introduction of electronic cigarettes, nicotine replacements and anti-smoking legislation, smoking is generally on the decline within the UK. But, with vaping being so new, just how safe is it?  
Vaping… The Good, The Bad & The Facts! 
Vaping has been proven to be up to 95% safer than smoking. Cigarettes are full of harmful chemicals and materials, but it’s the smoke that is considered deadly; as the smoke, from the burning of the cigarette and tobacco, created Carbon Monoxide. Vaping doesn’t contain as many harmful materials and doesn’t have a ‘burning’ element, thus doesn’t create the deadly smoke. So, what is dangerous about vaping? Well, the key area for concern is that we simply do not know enough yet about the long-term effects of vaping – as we do with smoking. Further to this, the main selling point of e-cigarettes is that users can control the amount of nicotine they intake. But it’s the nicotine itself that is the main worry of heath care professionals.  
Nicotine. How Does it Affect Your Body?
Nicotine is a highly dangerous chemical and is extremely addictive – with many smokers experiencing withdrawal symptoms such has headaches and mood swings when quitting cold turkey. Though vapes do not contain the deadly chemicals that cigarettes do, Nicotine itself can cause a number of health concerns. Nicotine has been proven to increase blood pressure, heart rate and thicken/narrow the walls of the arteries – which impacts how blood is carried around the body. These issues, if allowed to persist, can cause heart issues as they put more stress on the body’s cardiovascular system. The question everyone is asking then is “how do I break the nicotine habit without the withdrawal symptoms?”.
Quit Nicotine! 
It might seem unlikely, but the answer to that question lies in a centuries old practice… Aromatherapy. No, we aren’t talking about the lying in a therapeutic room with a diffuser pumping away in the corner, we’re talking about inahable, on-the-go aromatherapy. We’re talking about AntiCig.  
Unlike vapes and e-cigarettes, AntiCig doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals – including nicotine! Instead, it uses different blends of wellness minerals and essential oils to provide the same release as smoking, without the dangers. The other great thing about AntiCig is that is still provides that hand-to-mouth action of smoking or vaping; this action is one of the hardest habits to break when quitting, but AntiCig mimics that feeling. Not only that but the various AntiCig blends can help in other aspects of your life – whether that’s help falling to sleep, recovering from a night on the town, getting your daily vitamins and even being more socially confident. The flavours are also great too, with over 11 different flavours to choose from!  
Quitting is hard, we know. But what is the point in quitting one dangerous habit to start another one? Granted, it’s less dangerous but AntiCig is safer. It’s all the benefits of vaping – no toxic chemicals, no burning element, the breathing action – but without the nicotine.  
No nicotine, no harsh chemicals, no smoke… AntiCig is the safer way to quit and the perfect self-care partner!  
Looking to start your journey to a better life, start now. 

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