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Everything you need to know about E-cigarettes

If you're tired of smoking and want to quit, e-cigarettes could be your solution.

In recent years, e-cigarettes have become a popular stop-smoking aid in the UK. Also known as vapes or e-cigs, they're far less harmful than cigarettes and can help you quit smoking for good. They are not recommended for non-smokers and cannot be sold to people under 18.

Everything you need to know about e-cigarette: AntiCig Aromatherapy Vapes

What are e-cigarettes, and how do they work?

E-cigarettes are a popular alternative to tobacco cigarettes. They heat a liquid (called an e-liquid) that typically contains nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavourings. Inhaling an e-cigarette is commonly known as vaping.

An e-cigarette is a device that allows you to inhale nicotine in a vapour rather than smoke. E-cigarettes do not burn tobacco and do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most damaging elements in tobacco smoke.

They heat a liquid (called an e-liquid) that typically contains nicotine, propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and flavourings.

Does vaping help in quitting smoking?

We've got some good news if you're considering using an e-cigarette to help you quit smoking. Many thousands of people in the UK have already stopped smoking with the help of an e-cigarette.

There's evidence that they can be effective. A 2021 review found that people who used e-cigarettes to quit smoking and have expert face-to-face support can be up to twice as likely to succeed as people who used other nicotine replacement products, such as patches or gum. Using an e-cigarette can help you manage your nicotine cravings. To get the best out of it, make sure you're using it as much as you need to and with the right strength of nicotine in your e-liquid.

You will not get the full benefit from vaping unless you stop smoking cigarettes completely. Getting expert help from any of the widely available 'STOP SMOKING ADVICE' services gives you the best chance of quitting smoking for good.

But how to choose the right kind of E-cigarette?

If you’re thinking about switching from tobacco to electronic cigarettes, there are many things to consider. You’ll may need to choose between different types of e-cigarettes, find out what the best e-liquids are for you and how much nicotine strength your body and cravings may need.

There are many different types of e-cigarettes to choose from: starting with traditional vapes, disposable vape bars, vape pod devices, mods, cig-a-likes, and our AntiCig Aromatherapy disposable vapes (which are completely free of any nicotine, tar and/or any other harmful chemicals).

It’s also essential to choose the right strength of nicotine and flavour in your e-liquid, depending on how much you smoke and you may crave. A specialist vape shop can advise you on models and e-liquids that suit your needs.

How safe are E-cigarettes?

In the UK, e-cigarettes are tightly regulated for safety and quality. The liquid and vapour contain potentially harmful chemicals also found in cigarette smoke, but at a much lower level. Vaping is not entirely risk-free, but it poses a small fraction of the risk of smoking cigarettes, however the long-term risks of vaping are not yet clear.

E-cigarettes do not produce tar or carbon monoxide, two of the most harmful elements in tobacco smoke.

How about the Risks of the Nicotine?

Many people are concerned about the risks associated with nicotine, especially in the context of smoking. While nicotine is the addictive substance in cigarettes, most of the harm from smoking comes from the thousands of other toxic chemicals in tobacco smoke.

Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) has been widely used to help people stop smoking and is a safe treatment.

Are E-cigarettes safe to use during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, it's still uncertain. Research has not been conducted into whether the vapour harms a baby during pregnancy.

If you're pregnant, licensed NRT products such as patches and gum are recommended to help you stop smoking. But if you find using an e-cigarette helpful for quitting and staying smoke-free, it's much safer for you and your baby than continuing to smoke.

Does E-cigarette vapour harm others?

There's no evidence so far that vaping causes harm to other people around you.

This is in contrast to passive smoking (second-hand smoke), which is known to be very harmful to health.

The good news is that e-cigarettes are generally safer than regular cigarettes. However, you can still do some things to ensure your vaping doesn't negatively affect the people around you.

Where can I buy e-cigarettes?

You can buy e-cigarettes from specialist vape shops, some pharmacies, and other retailers or online at

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