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How do essential oils help you quit smoking?

With all the anti-smoking advocates around, it seems everyone is looking for a way to quit. Many of these people are turning to essential oils as a non-addictive and natural alternative to nicotine replacement therapy or, worse yet – real cigarettes. Quitting smoking can be one of the most challenging things you'll ever do. Of course, with some planning and knowledge, this challenge will soon be turned into one of the most rewarding things you'll ever do, both emotionally and physically. The number of people who try to stop smoking every year is overwhelming, but only 3% manage to quit permanently. Fortunately, nature offers ways to help reduce some of the stress and temptation that come along with giving up cigarettes.

How do essential oils help you quit smoking?: AntiCig


How do essential oils work to help people stay away from cigarettes?

Even if you're a long-time smoker, there are many ways to quit. One of the most effective is essential oils to help soothe your mind, body, and soul.

Various stress-relieving essential oils might help you on your journey towards quitting smoking. When you find yourself stressed and reaching for a cigarette, AntiCig’s essential oil aromatherapy vapes could help soothe and ease your cravings.

There is plenty of anecdotal evidence to suggest that essential oils such as lavender, ylang-ylang, and chamomile promote relaxation. Scientific studies have also shown a decrease in anxiety when essential oils, such as lavender, are used with massages. Inhaling the vapour from black pepper oil has been proven to help with smoking withdrawal symptoms. In one study, test subjects reported fewer cravings and less anxiety after inhaling black pepper vapours.

Which essential oils can help you stop smoking?

If you're ready to quit smoking, some essential oils may help you out.

Essential oils are known for improving your mood and well-being, but there is no evidence that they can cure any disease or illness. Each person will react to essential oils differently, and you should always consult a medical professional when making any decisions related to your physical and mental health.

But stress contributes to smoking addiction, and we are pleased to offer essential oils that can help curb feelings of anxiety. Check out these essential oils:

Black Pepper Essential Oil

Many consider black pepper essential oil the best option to overcome nicotine addiction and quit smoking. Studies dating back to the 90s show that black pepper is more effective to reduce cravings than other method. In additional studies, black pepper essential oil also helped people experience the most significant reduction in negative symptoms associated with nicotine withdrawal, it even helps reduce feelings of anxiety which are caused by no longer being able to reach for a cigarette — and this can be huge if you're having a hard time backing away from cigarettes emotionally.

Sweet orange essential Oil

Sweet orange essential oil has a refreshingly bright scent that can improve irritable moods and give you a feeling of energy. It is known for having a sedative effect that can help you relax and alleviate anger and certain bodily inflammations and irritations you may experience. When experiencing withdrawal symptoms, your body will need a chance to reset; this is where sweet orange essential oil can help! Many diffuse the oil as a tonic to tone up body systems and boost the immune system. Studies suggest, that sweet orange essential oil can also help improve cognitive function, which may benefit you during withdrawal.

sweet orange essential oil: AntiCig Aromatherapy Vapes

Roman chamomile essential oil

Roman chamomile essential oil is a gift when you need to take the edge off after a long day and cigarette cravings are spiking. It can create an overall calming effect, relieve body tension, and release grief and anger. Tapping into the soothing properties of Roman chamomile essential oil can be a great alternative when the call of a cigarette gets louder and louder after a tough day.

Lavender Essential Oil

Look to lavender if you want to slap down feelings of temptation. The lavender essential oil can be a powerful tool for helping to relieve the anxiety and tension that often creep up when you quit cigarettes. Furthermore, lavender is known to soothe the central nervous system, and is very effective when it comes to combating restlessness and insomnia. You already know how strongly both of those things come on in those initial days when you're trying to stay away from cigarettes.


When you want to quit smoking, it can feel like you're up for the fight of your life. The urge to smoke is strong, and it's not uncommon for people to relapse. That's why it's so important to get prepared ahead of time.

Essential oils can help relieve some of the stress and temptation that sabotage so many people once they declare they are done with cigarettes. One significant aspect of using essential oils is how the ritualistic element will help replace smoking.

Using essential oils can nourish the body and soul, which will make it easier to give up cigarettes on an emotional connect. Of course, essential oils' physical and cognitive benefits ensure that you're in top condition as you embark on a new life without nicotine.


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