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Transitioning from Cig to AntiCig, Why It’s Your Perfect Partner...

When you are trying to quit smoking, you need all of the help you can get because the nicotine addiction will continue to give you cravings for a long time after you initially quit. The longer you have been smoking, and the more cigarettes you smoke each day will also impact how difficult you find it to quit.

Fortunately, some products can provide you with the extra support you need to finally give up smoking for good. AntiCig, the inhalable essential oils diffuser stick is the perfect partner to beat the habit with.

Why AntiCig?
There are many benefits to using AntiCig compared to other products, including:

Additional health benefits
As well as enabling you to stop smoking and the health benefits that this will bring, AntiCig essential oils have several additional health benefits. For example, Recover contains green mint, nutmeg, chrysanthemum, passionfruit and Pueraria lobata, which blend to help reduce fatigue and manage overall liver health.

Other flavours such as Relax, helps to reduce stress, while Sleep can help you to get better quality sleep, which will contribute to all-round better health. The Vita flavours also give a vitamin boost, which delivers a range of health benefits.

Replicates the action and mechanism of smoking
When you are trying to transition from smoking, you need to keep your hands and mouth busy as they are used to the smoking action. The AntiCig sticks provide an identical experience of the smoking motion, without the bad chemicals or addictive nicotine.

Can be used in social environments!
The AntiCig can be used when you are in a pub or restaurant and you do not have to worry about going outside because there is no smoke exhaled. This means that you can quickly inhale an AntiCig if you are feeling tempted to have a cigarette. It also a great alternative if you do not want to go outside because it is raining or is cold, as you can inhale it inside. Lasts longer and is cheaper than cigarettes!

Another big benefit of transitioning over to AntiCig is that they last longer than cigarettes and they are a significantly cheaper option than paying to buy a pack of cigarettes each day. The average smoker in the UK spends over £10 per day on cigarettes, which is nearly £2,000 per year. AntiCig sticks cost just £15.49 for 1,000 puffs.


These are just some of the reasons that AntiCig inhalable diffuser sticks are the perfect solution to help you to stop smoking. The range of benefits, from financial, to health and even convenience, can help people to keep on track with their goal of quitting smoking.


Take a look at the full range of AntiCig flavours and the different health benefits they provide and choose your perfect partner for quitting smoking.

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