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Top tips and recommendations for vaping in Winter

Fed up with your e-cigarette freezing in the Winter months? This can be caused by a multitude number of reasons, most notably the harsh cold. Traditionally, when a device gets cold, the battery loses power, the e-liquid freezes and condensation occurs. However, with AntiCig this is less of an issue! The vapour in AntiCig sticks is not produced by any burning or heating mechanism, instead, it is activated by atomising the oil and water blend, using energy generated from the built-in lithium battery.

Top tips and recommendations for vaping in Winter: AntiCig

Flavours to try this Winter

This Winter, you may be looking to hold on to those summer vibes with our tropical paradise 'Retreat'... however, our 'Recover' vape may be more suitable for the season! Made with beautiful Christmas spiced nutmeg and fresh mint, which makes it the perfect blend for the festive period. Some benefits of trying ‘Recover’ include a reduction in levels of fatigue and hangover symptoms, and increased senses of wellbeing. 

AntiCig Recover Vape: AntiCig


Not only that, our 'Relax' variation includes pure essences of Pink Rose and Lychee. Lychee is in season from November to January and is in very high demand during this time - making it an essential flavour to try during the Winter months!

AntiCig Recover Vape: AntiCig


Work can also be incredibly stressful during November and December, as the year draws to a close. This is where our 'Energise' and 'Sleep' blends come in handy, to help you steady the flow. Get a boost from the aroma of Coffee and Red Grape with AntiCig 'Energise' or wind down with the soothing fragrance of Vanilla, our 'Sleep' blend helps to promote calmness and relaxation, reduces anxiety, lowers blood pressure, boosts vascular health and balances minerals. Our 'Energise' blend on the other hand helps boost energy and mood, reduces anxiety, and improves performance.

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