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Vaping with Essential Oils

Vaping with Essential Oils 

Since vaping was first introduced there has been a great deal of debate regarding whether or not they are a healthier alternative to smoking and whether there are any health concerns to be wary of.  


Perhaps the main factor to consider is what is actually being inhaled in the vape. Many health companies point to the fact that while vaping nicotine is still similar to smoking nicotine, the absence of other harmful chemicals such as tar and carbon monoxide means that there are fewer harmful contents to inhale. 

More recently, products have become available where you can vape essential oils rather than nicotine. Given that essential oils have so many health benefits, this would seem like a much better alternative. However, some medical experts have warned that heating essential oils to over 150 to 180°, can convert the oils to abnormal compounds that can damage the lungs.  

So, what about AntiCig?  

The main difference between AntiCig and aromatherapy vapes is that AntiCig is a diffuser. This means that it doesn’t use a heating or burning mechanism, so there is no danger of converting the oils into a harmful compound. AntiCig sticks contain the highest quality pure and natural aromatherapy essential oils and plant extracts. The ingredients, including the aromatherapy oils in the AntiCig diffuser sticks, have been fully tested for safety and have CE and ROHS certifications.  

AntiCig sticks have been developed by a team of highly specialised healthcare researchers in ISO-accredited laboratories in the UK and are manufactured to the highest international standards. While the AntiCig inhalable diffuser sticks are relatively new to the market, our rigorous testing processes ensure that they are safe to inhale and promote a healthier lifestyle. 

Which AntiCig is best for you? 

The other great thing about AntiCig is that is comes in a range of different blends, each with tasty flavours! Not only does AntiCig help you quit smoking/vaping, but it can help you out with other problems too. From wanting a better quality sleep with AntiCig Sleep, to cutting down on carbs with AntiCig diet… we have the perfect blend for you 

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