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Warming up this Winter with AntiCig

The most wonderful time of year is just around the corner. Winter is calling, and that means we are all tempted to indulge in some of our favourite seasonal treats. Now is time to manage those sweet cravings and ditch the tobacco.

Is it time to quit nicotine?

Nicotine is extremely addictive and has been proven to increase blood pressure and heart rate, amongst other health-related concerns. AntiCig vapes are 100% free from nicotine, tobacco, and harmful chemicals. Vapes not only help to replicate the mechanism of smoking a cigarette but will keep you occupied at social events so you will find it a lot easier to get through those Christmas parties without the need to smoke. There’s no better way to kick the habit than with free from nicotine, aromatherapy vapes. What are the benefits of aromatherapy vapes? Aromatherapy vapes have wide ranging benefits, from reducing anxiety, fatigue and stress, to supporting sleep, performance and energy levels. See some of our Winter favourites below:


AntiCig Relax:

Keep calm during the hectic Winter season with AntiCig Relax. There’s nothing that will help you relax more that our Pure Essence of Pink Rose and Lychee, a specially crafted blend on inhalable essential oil flavoured with Pink Rose, Lychee, Blueberry, Honeysuckle, Poria, Albizia, Fennel and Lime.


Anticig Sleep:

It’s time to get cosy and comfortable with AntiCig Sleep! Wind down with the soothing fragrance of Vanilla (plus get a good night’s sleep!), a specially crafted blend of inhalable essential oils flavours with White Vanilla, Lychee, Dates, Acacia, Salvia and Polygala. AntiCig sleep is perfect for evenings, chilled out weekends and vanilla lovers.


AntiCig Honey:

The perfect vape for social events, evenings and smokers! This vape has a specially crafted essential oils flavoured with Muira, Puama, Honey Milk, Maca, Ginseng, Actinolite, Antler and Nut Milk. AntiCig Recover: Recover from those wild seasonal parties with the help of AntiCig Recover, designed with one of our favourite Winter flavours, Nutmeg! This specially crafted blend on inhalable essential oils has been flavoured with Green Mint, Nutmeg, Chrysanthemum, Passionfruit and Pureraria Lobata. Perfect for busy schedules, playful adventurers and wild weekends.


Why not start your journey to a cigarette free life, with AntiCig aromatherapy vapes. Our AntiCig starter pack will get you on your way to being nicotine-free! Perfect for any occasion this season, this all-in-1 pack gives the perfect opportunity to try all unique blends!


P.S. The starter pack also makes a great gift!

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