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What makes disposable vapes taste better?

Disposable vapes have been a cornerstone of the vaping industry for the past three years. While they are convenient and easy to use, their popularity has also grown due to taste. Disposable vapes have more robust flavours compared to refillable kits and produce a more authentic-tasting vapour. In this blog, we'll find out what goes into making a disposable vape and whether there is any difference between it and a refillable model.
What makes disposable vapes taste better? : AntiCig Aromatherapy Vapes


Sweeteners are used to make the e-liquid taste better, but they can also cause the deterioration of a coil. To ensure the lifespan of a user’s coil, which can be upwards of ten days in refillable vape kits or half a day in disposable ones, manufacturers need to be mindful of how much sweetener they use in their bottled e-liquids.

Pre-soaked cotton wicks

Vape kits that allow you to refill your device with e-liquid have cotton in their coils that must be primed before filling. To prime the cotton, add a few drops to the exposed cotton on the coil, fill the pod or tank, and wait 10 minutes to allow the e-liquid to saturate the cotton thoroughly. This ensures effective vaping of e-liquid when the coil is heated, which delivers excellent flavour and prevents dry hits which can occur when the cotton is not entirely saturated.


A vast range of flavours and nicotine strength options are available for refillable vape kits. Disposable vapes use nicotine salts, which have a lower pH and offer a smoother and more flavourful experience than freebase e-liquid.

Here are our top three disposable vapes that offer some great fruit flavours.

AntiCig Blueberry Flavour

With a specially crafted blend of inhalable essential oils enriched with flavours such as blueberry and ginseng, as well as vitamins A, B12, C, and D. This wonderfully nutritious fruit is perfect for packing a powerful punch of sweet, mellow flavours.

AntiCig Blueberry flavoured Vape: AntiCig Aromatherapy Vape



AntiCig Red Coffee/Grape Flavour

Energise and reinvigorate with a specially crafted blend of inhalable essential oils flavoured with red coffee grape, liquorice, American ginseng, tea polyphenol, wolfberry, and caffeine. Perfect for too many responsibilities and busy schedules.

AntiCig Red Coffee flavoured Vape: AntiCig Aromatherapy Vape


AntiCig Mint Flavour

Recover and revitalise with AntiCig’s specially crafted blend of inhalable essential oils flavoured with Green Mint, Nutmeg, Chrysanthemum, Passionfruit and Pueraria Lobata.

AntiCig Mint flavoured vape: AntiCig Aromatherapy Vapes


The vapours in AntiCig are not produced by any burning or heating mechanism (like what is seen with smoking-producing devices like vapes or e-cigarettes) but by atomising the oil and water blend using energy generated from the built-in lithium battery, causing evaporation of the oil as tiny droplets, and producing a pure and refined inhalable vapour. Discover more at



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